HUGE UPDATE: Source: Immunity deals have been struck with Tony Podesta

According to Shastina Eloff, Tony Podesta has been arrested.

Now, we have been talking about this for days and ever reported on it today.

Source: Mainstream Media is covering up indictment of Tony Podesta

Tony Podesta Lobbied For Russia’s ‘Uranium One’ And Did Not File As A Foreign Agent

We will continue to provide updates no this story.


We have come under great scrutiny for this report. As we initially reported from our source Podesta has not only been indicted by Robert Mueller but notified that he will be arrested. Now, the media has not covered this because the show they put on for cameras has not happened. They are continuing to call us Fake News because we have confirmed this story through multiple sources.

True Pundit and The FBI have dumped water on the Podesta’s being arrested.

Here is some clarification:

1. Podesta was warned of coming indictment and told he would be arrested just like Manafort.

2. We never claimed he was in Federal Custody but claimed he not only has been informed he will be arrested but the indictment is already finished.

We are all about accuracy here and are sorry if we didn’t clarify claims in a correct fashion in the article above.


Our report confirmed: Source: Immunity deals have been struck with Tony Podesta

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