Rachel Maddow illegally gets Trumps tax returns then embarrasses​ herself with them

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eB-xjDMGdQ?list=PLDIVi-vBsOEyETRGoRP9y8zhyu6bHl6iK]

Well, Rachel Maddow hit a brick wall on her campaign to destroy Donald Trump. She has been attacking Trump for not releasing his returns because she feels he is hiding something. Well, she finally was able to acquire some and in doing so proved nothing but the fact that Trump is certainly one wealthy man.

She clearly overhyped this story to attract viewers and you can tell at the beginning of the clip above she was looking long and hard at it trying to find some wrong doing.

When expert David Kay Johnston comes on he attempts to accuse Trump of leaking these tax returns. Up to this point, he has dished out no evidence to back up that claim.

Watching Rachel Maddow embarrass herself was comedic gold. The lady who will stop at nothing to end Trump met the brick wall we call reality tonight.

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