PUNK: Wiz Khalifa bashes veterans on Memorial​ day

Memorial day is the day we honor those who died serving our country. It is a day that should be treated with as much respect as humanly possible.

Wiz Khalifa took to Twitter and showed an absolute disregard for the men and women who served overseas.

Maybe Wiz should take a break from smoking weed and getting “shitfaced”, he instead should take a moment and wonder why he has the freedom to do what he does. All of his money, all of his concert tours, are made possible because these veterans made sure that our freedoms are protected. They sacrifice theirs lives so that we may live ours to the fullest.

Wiz attempted to apologize for his tweet.

Oh really Wiz, you like to focus on the good times. What would you say to the wife who lost her husband in the war? What would you say to the parents who lost their son or daughter in the war? What would you say to the children who lost one of their parents in the war? They have no “good time” to remember today.

I hope my message to Wiz is clear. No matter how much money you make you are a hero to no one. A hero is someone who sacrifices for the benefit of others. Tweeting something as ignorant and self-serving as this to your 29 million followers deserves severe backlash. Hopefully, this teaches you a lesson.

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