Progressive Dems Distancing Themselves From Biden

Joe Biden is running out of allies.

Progressives Democrats are now distancing themselves from Biden due to his low approval rating. 

From Zero Hedge:

According to The Hill, progressives are “pushing back at the idea that they are to blame at all for President Biden’s dismal poll numbers, arguing the White House’s problems have more to do with it moving away from a progressive agenda.”

Key progressives think instead that Biden’s polls reflect a disillusionment among the base over his unwillingness to deliver on key issues ranging from voting ‘rights,’ to gun control, to healthcare and beyond.

“Biden’s popularity was high when he ran on a progressive agenda — and it dropped when he let corporate Democrats take the reins,” said Varshini Prakash, executive director of climate PAC The Sunrise Movement. “It shouldn’t be a surprise that voters are becoming impatient.”

…progressives argue Biden is playing into GOP hands by not fully embracing progressive priorities. They see the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law by Biden last fall as a lost opportunity that cut into their leverage for pressuring Manchin and Sinema on the Build Back Better legislation — which is also their top priority.

And they think a closer look at the polls shows that Biden’s real problems lie in a demoralized base — which they fear could also cost the party this fall.

“They’re standing in the way of the president’s promises, and it will be mostly their fault if Democrats lose Congress in November,” Prakash said of moderate Democrats. -The Hill

Biden’s approval is at all-time lows:

Some Democrats are even making up excuses to not be seen with him at events!

Biden Dealt Another Blow — PA Dems To Miss His Visit

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