Pelosi’s Son Involved In Five Companies Probed By The Feds

Paul Pelosi Jr, Nancy Pelosi’s son, is connected to a long list of fraudsters, rule-breakers, and convicted criminals.

He has been involved in five companies that have been probed by the federal government but he himself has never ended up being convicted.

A report from The Daily Mail outlined that many of these companies that hired Paul Pelosi Jr were attempting to curry favor with his powerful family.

Here are his links to lawbreakers: 

The 52-year-old joined the board of a biofuel company after it defrauded investors according to an SEC ruling, and whose CEO was convicted after bribing Georgia officials

Pelosi Jr. was president of an environmental investment firm that turned out to be a front for two convicted fraudsters

He joined a lithium mining company and received millions of shares, allegedly issued as part of a massive $164 million fraud

He was vice president of a company previously embroiled in an investigation of scam calls that targeted senior citizens

He has close business ties with a man accused by the Department of Justice of running a fake UN charity that stole investors’ money

A medical company Pelosi Jr. worked for tested drugs on people without FDA authorization, according to an FDA investigation

Nancy Pelosi has come under fire from members of even her own party for her defense of congressional stock trading.

Pelosi has greatly benefited from this.

From Local 12:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., drew blowback from progressives and government ethics watchdogs Wednesday after defending the right of members of Congress to trade individual stocks amid deepening concerns about corruption and insider trading.

“We are a free-market economy,” Pelosi said at a news conference. “They should be allowed to participate in that.”

Many on the left who were already frustrated with Democratic leadership for a failure to advance their top priorities lashed out at the speaker on social media. Alongside struggles to extend the enhanced child tax credit and forgive student loan debt, they warned an open embrace of members freely trading stocks could dampen enthusiasm among the party’s base.

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