Pedo CNN Producer Tried To Pay Off Witness To His Sex Crimes

CNN Producer John Griffin was arrested for enticing underage girls into sexual activity.

He had his devices seized 17 months before he was arrested.

CNN Staffer Arrested For Enticing Underage Girls Into Sexual Activity

Pedo CNN Producer Had Devices Seized 17 Months Before Arrest–CNN Denies They Knew

According to the federal government, he tried to pay off the witnesses of his sex crimes.

From New York Post:

Fired CNN producer John Griffin tried to “deceive, delete, and spend his way out of being held accountable” for his alleged sex crimes against a minor, new court documents allege.

In a motion to keep him in jail until his trial, US Attorney Nikolas P. Kerest said Griffin’s detention is crucial to community safety. He is “a wealthy man who is desperate to avoid facing justice” with a history of mental illness, substance abuse and alleged sexual assault of minor, Kerest said, who cited Jeffrey Epstein court docs in the motion.

The motion, filed Monday, offers more details about Griffin’s alleged actions, including that he offered a woman $30,000 in January 2020 for a mother-and-daughter getaway. In March 2020, he offered another woman $1,200 for sex, saying he would up the payment to $5,000 “if the kids are in the room,” the feds said.

When chatting with someone online who admitted to sexually assaulting a baby, Griffin reassured the assailant, saying, “You need to promise me that you will always understand what you’re doing is right, OK?” Chats show him calling young girls and babies explicit names like “little slut,” “little whore,” and “little b—h.”

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