PA County Votes To Investigate After Voting Machines Failed To Display GOP Ballots

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Huge news.

Luzerne County in Pennsylvania has voted to investigate what happened during its primary elections on May 18th.

All ballots appeared as for Democrats.

The resolution calls to look into “Dominion’s practices and procedures” and the election board’s actions.

The Washington Examiner:

Pennsylvania county, which made headlines after voting machines failed to display Republican ballots during a primary election last week, voted on Tuesday to request a top prosecutor further investigate the mishap.

Luzerne County’s 11-member council voted to ask the district attorney’s office to look into a May 18 controversy where all ballots appeared as Democratic on a series of machines from Dominion Voting Systems, a company marred by dubious election fraud claims in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, according to the Times Leader. One member, Linda McClosky Houck, was absent at the time of voting.

Councilman Walter Griffith, who proposed the resolution, claimed that many GOP and independent voters were “disenfranchised and concerned about the integrity of the election process” when some left polling places agitated. The resolution, as described by the local news outlet, requests the district attorney look into Dominion’s practices and procedures as well as the election board’s actions in overseeing and maintaining the security of election equipment.

Dominion blamed the mishap on “human error”.

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