NYT Caught Leaving Key Info Out Of Brett Kavanaugh Smear Piece

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The Palmieri Report previously reported on the Democrats reviving the smear campaign they waged against Brett Kavanaugh. 

Dems Revive Attacks On Kavanaugh–What Are They Planning?

Well, now we have more information on it.

It turns out that the New York Times, the origin of this smear campaign, left out key information in their hit piece.

From The Daily Wire:

As National Review’s John McCormack reported, the Times (and other media outlets) left out key details that would provide context showing the number of tips were frivolous.

“[T]he Times’ report leaves out three key details that would have helped both to clear the air and to clear Kavanaugh’s name: (1) The FBI’s supplemental investigation was always supposed to be limited in time and scope; (2) a summary of all the tips the FBI received was available to all 100 U.S. senators; and (3) we have good reason to believe that none of the supposedly ‘compelling leads’ were actually compelling at all,” McCormack wrote.

To the first point, McCormack wrote that a bipartisan agreement limited the FBI’s supplemental background investigation to one week and only “current” and “credible” allegations – specifically to keep it from becoming a fishing expedition, even though that is exactly what the entire episode was from the beginning.

As to the knowledge of the 4,500 tips somehow being new, McCormack reported that the information was available to senators back in 2018. A summary of all 4,500 tips was included in the FBI’s report and available to all 100 U.S. senators. This is nothing new.

So, now the question must be asked.

Why are the Democrats bringing up this again?

The evidence seemingly leads to one place.

The Democrats and media want to bully Kavanaugh into ruling in their favor.

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