NPR Finally Responds To Maskgate — Comes Up With Bizarre Excuse

NPR was caught pushing a phony story to smear Justice Niel Gorsuch. 

All three major people cited in the story debunked it.

Chief Justice Roberts Further Destroys NPR Report

NPR has finally responded.

They said the story needs a “clarification, but not a correction.”

From Just The News:

NPR is mostly standing by a report from Legal Affairs Correspondent Nina Totenberg in which she wrote that Justice Sonia Sotomayor was opting to join the court remotely because Justice Neil Gorsuch would not wear a mask after being “asked.”

In a “Public Editor” column published Thursday, NPR clarified that it stands by Totenberg and her reporting, but admits her word choice was “misleading.”

“Totenberg’s story merits a clarification, but not a correction. After talking to Totenberg and reading all justices’ statements, I believe her reporting was solid, but her word choice was misleading,” reads part of the column by Kelly McBride, before launching into an investigation of the word “asked” in Totenberg’s story.

NPR, or National Public Radio, is privately and publicly funded non-profit media group frequently accused of having a liberal bias.

McBride also writes: “Exactly how did Roberts, in some form, ask or suggest that his colleagues cover up? Totenberg told me she hedged on this: “If I knew exactly how he communicated this I would say it. Instead I said ‘in some form.’

“Totenberg and her editors should have chosen a word other than “asked.” And she could have been clear about how she knew there was subtle pressure to wear masks (the nature or even exact number of her anonymous sources) and what she didn’t know (exactly how Roberts was communicating).”

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