NHL Halts Season Over COVID Surge Despite Being 99.5% “Fully Vaccinated”


The National Football League and National Basketball League get the lion’s share of attention pertaining to Covid-19 because they’re popular sports leagues that have gone to extreme measures to get as many players and coaches vaccinated as possible. But the National Hockey League has actually beaten the other two major sports leagues that are active right now in vaccinations with over 99.5% of their players fully-jabbed.

Only 4 remain unjabbed.

Based on everything we’ve heard from Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, and the vaxx-nannies in government, that means the NHL should be completely protected from Covid-19. But as we have all learned lately (though many have known for months), the vaccines aren’t working and even the ultra-vaxxed NHL is making changes to their season as a result.

According to Breitbart:

The National Hockey League (NHL) will halt its season Wednesday as fear spreads over the omicron coronavirus variant.

In an announcement on Monday, the NHL said that the National Hockey League Players Association agreed to “postpone the five games that remain scheduled on Thursday, December 23, in order to begin the collectively-bargained Holiday Break effective with the conclusion of games tomorrow night, December 21.”

All practice and games will be off between December 22 and December 25 until players are permitted to report back to their clubs, which “be used for testing, practice and/or travel only.”

“Upon returning from the holiday break to team facilities, no individual in the team’s traveling party shall enter the facility (other than for testing purposes) until they have a negative test result,” said the announcement.

“The NHL regular season schedule resume on Monday, December 27,” it concluded.

Corporate media and an unfortunate number of independent conservative media outlets are spinning or ignoring the ultra-vaxxed aspect of this story, but we won’t. We can’t. It’s so blatant that it’s a wonder any journalist can ignore it and still look at themselves in the mirror.

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