New Poll Is Bad News For Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition in Washington, Monday, May 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
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A straw poll taken at The Western Conservative Summit has been released.

The straw poll has been reported widely because it showed DeSantis with slightly more support than Trump. (We have an article coming out later debunking this)

However, the real story is about Mike Pence and his tanking support.

Pence came in 10th in this poll.

Nine other conservatives were higher than him.

From The Blaze:

It should be noted that the straw poll allowed participants to select as many candidates as they wanted.

Ron DeSantis — 74.12%
Donald Trump — 71.43%
Ted Cruz — 42.86%
Mike Pompeo — 39.35%
Tim Scott — 35.58%
Kristi Noem — 29.92%
Tom Cotton — 29.92%
Rand Paul — 27.76%
Donald Trump Jr. — 24.8%
Mike Pence — 21.56%

At only 21% Mike Pence’s chances of being President with our without Trump running are less than slim.

Mike Pence was giving a speech at the Faith & Freedom summit.

During the speech, you can hear attendees shouting “Traitor!” along with some clapping.

A divide between Trump and Pence surfaced over January 6th.

Pence allowed for the election results to be certified.

The Palmieri Report previously reported on the relationship between Trump and Pence since Jan 6th.

Trump just spoke out on his 2024 running mate if he does run.

After his speech at the North Carolina GOP Convention, Trump spoke with Fox News.

During the interview, he said it was “too soon to tell” if he would pick Mike Pence for Vice President.

From National Review:

Former president Donald Trump on Saturday said it is “too soon to tell” if he would invite former vice president Mike Pence to be his running mate if he launches a 2024 presidential campaign.

“Well I don’t know, it’s really too soon to tell. But certainly we had a very good relationship I was disappointed with Mike on one thing as he understands and some other people understand, but overall, I had a very good relationship with Mike and he’s a very fine person and a fine man,” Trump said In an interview with Fox News after delivering a speech at the North Carolina GOP state convention,

He did add that they had a good relationship.

Despite all of that, Trump said on Saturday that he believes he and Pence are on good terms: “And, you know Mike and I have a good relationship, we continue to have a good but it’s too early to be discussing running mates certainly,” he added.

Trump also said he would “make a decision in the not so distant future” on whether he will run for president again in 2024. He said that people are going to be “very happy.”

Who do you want Trump’s Vice President to be?

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