New Georgia Ad Features Trump Blasting RINO Governor Brian Kemp

RINO Georgia Governor Brian Kemp did nothing to stop the 2020 election from being stolen.

After the election took place he actively hindered those who were trying to expose the 2020 election steal.

Due to this, Trump endorsed a primary opponent against him.

Trump endorsed former Sen. David Perdue for Governor. Initially, there were concerns about if Perdue would be good on election integrity. So far, those concerns have been put to rest.

Perdue has promised better election integrity in Georgia even saying he would create an entire division to investigate voter fraud crimes.

Perdue is now airing his first TV ads in Georgia for the Governor.

The ad consists of a message from Trump blasting Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

From Breitbart:

Voters across Georgia will see former President Donald Trump on their televisions beginning Tuesday as former Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) airs his first TV ad of the gubernatorial race in the form of a message from the former president.

The 30-second ad, first obtained by Breitbart News, will air on cable and satellite in the Peach State and features Trump reiterating his disapproval of incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and his endorsement of Perdue.

“The Democrats walked all over Brian Kemp. He was afraid of Stacey ‘the Hoax’ Abrams. Brian Kemp let us down. We can’t let it happen again,” Trump says in the ad, which the Perdue campaign told Breitbart News it spent six figures to air statewide on Fox News Channel.


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