NASA Wants To Build Nuclear Power Generators On The Moon

The push to space continues on.

NASA is looking to build nuclear generators on the moon by 2030.

From The Washington Examiner:

Extraterrestrial power stations will emerge from sci-fi mythos and into reality with the placement of a nuclear generator on the moon by 2030, according to NASA.

The Department of Energy, working with NASA on the project, opened design submissions earlier this month to outside contractors to build a “fission surface power station ” on the moon that will eventually help fuel missions to Mars and beyond.

The agencies are looking to build a “durable, high-power, sun-independent power source for NASA missions on the moon by the end of the decade, as well as potential subsequent missions” and want submission for the “initial design system” by Feb. 19.

The reactors, which need to be lightweight and small enough to fit into a rocket, will be assembled and tested on Earth and then dropped into place on the moon. They will cover the need for energy in space in areas where solar power can be unreliable.

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