More Issues With COVID Reporting – This Time In Britain

The Palmieri Report has been reporting for two years on the issues with COVID total reporting.

The issues were clear from day one. There was no transparency in how the numbers were being counted.

What constituted a COVID death? How did we know the COVID tests were accurate?

The media just told everyone to trust the science and not question it.

The media was wrong again.

Just a few weeks ago, Massachusetts lowered its COVID death count.

Massachusetts Lowers COVID Death Count – Where Is The MSM?

The FDA just announced the recall of 45,500 COVID tests due to false positives.

COVID Test Recalled After Large Number Of False Positives

It has now been exposed that this issue wasn’t just in America – but worldwide.

Britain’s death toll may have been overestimated.

From The Daily Mail:

Did official figures overestimate Britain’s grim Covid death toll?

First, disturbing stories emerged from bereaved relatives of terminally ill patients who died from the disease they’d battled, only to be posthumously labelled Covid victims.

Then health chiefs admitted, embarrassingly, that the numbers they’d been feeding the Government were only an approximation – provoking fury from Ministers.

More recently it was revealed that a quarter of Omicron deaths included in the daily figures did not, in fact, list Covid as a primary cause.

More than two years since Covid-19 emerged, many feel they want a simple answer: how many were killed by this virus?

Last week, in the first of a series of special reports probing the science that has underpinned our pandemic response, The Mail on Sunday set about tackling the ongoing concerns that tests used to diagnose Covid were picking up people who were not actually infected.

The conclusion of some scientists was, yes, they did. And there were those who maintained that despite shortcomings, PCR swabs – used by millions – were accurate enough.

Yet one study suggested that as many as a third of all positive cases may not have been infectious at the time they took the test.

It not only means the true scale of the pandemic could have been distorted, but also that many people may have been forced to self-isolate unnecessarily.

Equally concerning is the idea that the UK’s stark and terrifying death figures – which were broadcast daily – were misleading and even overblown.

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