Liz Cheney Leaning On Democrat Voters To Win GOP Primary

Liz Cheney turned her back on her voters and supported a January 6th panel that was a one-sided hit job.

Democrats wouldn’t even allow the GOP to pick which members they wanted on the panel.

Since then we have seen them lie on subpoenas, doctor text messages, and disregard any evidence that doesn’t fit their narrative.

Due to this, Trump backed a challenger to Liz Cheney. He endorsed Harriet Hageman.

She has no chance of winning among GOP primary voters – she is now relying on the Democrats.

From Yahoo:

Cheney’s last-ditch hope, paradoxically, is for Democratic-leaning Wyomingites who’ve rarely voted for her before to do so now in what is a safely Republican and sparsely populated state.

Ultimately, Cheney’s survival will hinge on support from people who now see her as something of an unlikely liberal hero. Kathryn Valido, a former president of the Wyoming Education Association, said in an interview while watching the latest hearing that “they’re really clarifying that we were really in a dangerous place in this country.”

Valido, a Democrat, also said she’s receiving calls and literature from the Cheney campaign. She’s switched parties to vote in primaries before, and says she plans to do so again to vote for Cheney.

This happened during the Georgia primary as well.

RINO Brad Raffensperger won because of Democrat voters voting in the GOP primary.

Data: Dems Helped RINOs Win Primary Election

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