Liz Cheney Down Big To Trump-Endorsed Challenger

Liz Cheney made a shrewd political calculation.

She thought that after Jan 6th the MAGA movement was over.

She began smearing Trump and his voters and proceeded to work with Pelosi to take down opponents of the Biden regime.

It has backfired.

A new poll found Liz Cheney down double digits Trump-backed Harriet Hageman.

Here is the breakdown:





From The Washington Examiner:

Embattled Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who’s reelection campaign is under fire from former President Donald Trump, widely trails her top challenger in a new 2022 survey.

In the SoCo Strategies poll conducted to gauge the impact of Trump endorsements, Cheney is 18-points behind Trump-backed Harriet Hageman.

The new survey of Republican voters found that Hageman, a GOP activist and Cheyenne land and water rights attorney, leads Cheney, 38%-18%. State Representative Anthony Bouchard is at 12% and 26% are undecided.

The independent survey — not done for Cheney or Hageman — was included in a handful of other state results showing that a Trump endorsement can be a game changer. State officials this week announced that Trump plans to hold a rally next spring in Wyoming for Hageman far ahead of the August 16 primary.

He added, “This polling shows that one thing is clear, Trump’s endorsement equals a victory in just about any Republican primary.” Trump beat President Joe Biden in Wyoming in 2020 by some 70 points.

Liz Cheney’s future in politics is all but over.

I’m sure she will be offered a job by CNN and MSNBC however.

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