Liberal Pundit: Trump Won The GOP Civil War

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Even liberals are now being forced to admit this.

According to liberal political pundit Bill Press, Donald Trump has already won the GOP Civil War.

*warning the cited article below was written by a liberal*

From Tribune Content Agency: 

However, as intense as it was, the GOP Civil War didn’t last long. In fact, it’s already over. Republicans surrendered, and Trump won. Loyalists like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (how much Kool-Aid can he drink?) began making pilgrimages to Mar-a-Lago to kiss Trump’s ring. Even former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who slammed Trump one day, begged for a meeting with him the next (Trump turned her down). Virtually every Republican who voted to impeach Trump has been censured by their state party. And at this weekend’s annual Conservative Political Action Committee gathering, Trump’s expected to seize the Republican Party throne and maybe even announce his own plans to run for re-election in 2024.

In effect, there is no Republican Party anymore. They might as well change the name. It’s now the Trump Party. Which stands for – well, which stands for what he stands for: only Donald Trump – the man, the myth, the big lie – and nothing else.

Which means, assuming he’s not behind bars (every day, a growing possibility), every Republican running for any office in 2022 and 2024 will be forced to defend Donald Trump. One hundred percent. Everything from his disastrous COVID-19 response to the loss of millions of jobs, to the bloated deficit, to the bloody attack on the Capitol on January 6. While Democrats can campaign on getting COVID-19 behind us, rebuilding the economy, creating jobs, and tackling climate change.

Bill Press isn’t wrong.

The establishment GOP attempted to take the party back from Trump. (Remember when we say from Trump we mean from you, the voters in the Republican Party)

They tried to first smear then impeach him based on those smears.

That backfired on them.

Six Of The Seven GOP Senators Who Voted To Impeach Trump Have Already Been Rebuked At Home

One GOP Rep. felt backlash from his own family:

Members Of GOP Rep’s Own Family Blast Him Over His Attacks On Trump

Trump only became stronger after that.

Trump More Popular Than Reagan Among Republican Voters

One of the leaders of the anti-Trump establishment Mitt Romney has all but admitted it:

Mitt Romney Admits He Thinks Trump Would Win 2024 GOP Nomination

I want to point one more thing out. There never really was a GOP Civil War. The party has never sided with the establishment. The establishment survives because they are corrupt. Not because voters support them.

I also want to be clear about what the party of Trump means. It doesn’t mean that we are a party that only believes in one man. It means that the party has embraced his ideas and his view for the Republican Party.

No more establishment conservatism.

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