Kerry met with Iran’s Zarif in 2018, worked actively to undermine Trump administration’s Iran policy


Nothing will be done. John Kerry is a member of the political elite class that is immune from having to take any responsibility for its actions.

“ACLJ Obtains New Memo in State Department Lawsuit Unveiling Unreported Obama-Era Officials’ Secret Meeting With Iran’s Zarif During Trump Administration,” by Jordan Sekulow, ACLJ, May 24, 2022:

The Boston Globe put it this way:  “Kerry is quietly seeking to salvage Iran deal he helped craft.”

The ACLJ put it a bit more bluntly: “John Kerry tried to undermine President Trump in order to support Iran, putting our national security at risk.”

Remember the stories that former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry – no longer in office as of January 20, 2017 – engaged in shadow diplomacy with Iran promoting foreign policy contrary to that of America’s sitting President, Donald Trump? As the story continued to unfold, and more information about the Left’s counter-diplomacy was revealed even just last year, the ACLJ went to work.

We launched a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the State Department, seeking records of State Department awareness of or involvement with Obama-era U.S. officials – aka, the Deep State – employing undercover backchannels in an effort to undercut President Trump’s cornerstone foreign policy of withdrawing the United States from the disastrous Obama/Biden Iran Deal.

In the FOIA lawsuit against the State Department that ensued, the ACLJ just obtained a never-before-seen “unclassified” October 2018 memo entitled, “Notes From ‘Iran and the US: An Off-the-Record Conversation with Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif.’”

According to this memo, the previously unreported “off-the-record meeting” took place at the “Iranian Ambassador’s Residence, NYC,” on October 4, 2018 – just days after major media coverage of Kerry’s admission of the secret efforts. The memo we unearthed contains notes on the former U.S. diplomats’ conversation with Zarif and his responses “to questions posed by a group of US former ambassadors and policy analysts.”

The key here is “former” – and the date, October 2018, right in the middle of the Trump Administration.

The newly obtained memo, regarding the secret meeting between Zarif and these former U.S. officials, included discussions of nuclear weapons, potential prisoner swaps, Afghanistan withdrawal and negotiations with the Taliban, Houthi rebels, Syria, Suleimani’s popularity in Iran, and the “region in turmoil.”…

The memo we uncovered shines a light, not just on the secret meeting itself, but also on Zarif’s rhetoric and unbelievable assertions as he attempts to persuade his listeners. For instance, he claims “Iran will never seek atomic weapons.” Well, I guess there’s no cause for concern here. And, “It is almost impossible to turn fuel rods into nuclear weapons.” Almost impossible. He goes on and on, spouting off his distorted pro-Iran view as if it’s fact….

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