“In Cyber Security Terms, It Was Breached”–Digital Forensic Expert Speaks Out During Audit Hearing

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Another bombshell out of Arizona.

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From far-left ABC reporter(bias is showing)



Dr. Kelli Ward weighed in:

From Gateway Pundit:

Cotton reiterated that there were cameras over their work 24 hours a day.  Anything would have been caught on video.  Nothing they did would have impacted the machines at all.  The position that the County must replace all voting machines is at odds with the audits performed earlier this year – that they could determine that nothing was changed.

The IT team received over 300 tabulators, the county EMS server, physical devices correlating to EMS adjudication function, 11 hard drives with cloned data (which was provided but altered by their cloning process).  They created a forensic copy of all the items received.  They looked for any Internet connections.

The auditors have not received the router config files and router data, they had talks and negotiations but still not provided.  They know an element of the election system was breached during the election.  The registration center database was breached because the County or state sent letters to individuals with data on the files noting there was a breach.

There are severe problems with how the voter information was maintained. The system is not patched regularly.  The last time an antivirus was updated on the systems was August 2019.  This creates a tremendous vulnerability to the systems. The auditors still need to see the routers.  The County’s concerns with the auditors receiving the routers are not valid.  There is no personal information included with the router data.

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