HILARIOUS: Media Is Now Claiming That Jan 6th Hearing Ratings Don’t Matter

In the run-up to the Jan 6th hearings, all we heard about were the ratings. The panel even hired a TV producer to make it for TV.

The Jan 6th hearings were supposed to have the entire country on the edge of their seats.

It turned out to be a complete flop. The first primetime hearing’s ratings were lower than the normal average.


The media is now to spin this.

The Associated Press just published an article saying the ratings don’t matter because of social media clips.

From AP:

By the numbers, the Jan. 6 committee hearings attracted 20 million live viewers on opening night, 11 million for the first daytime session and nearly 9 million for Thursday’s third installment.

Yet those traditional Nielsen company yardsticks don’t begin to measure the true reach of what is being said there.

Memorable moments from each hearing are sliced for quick consumption on countless news programs, comedy shows and online, to the point where some have been seen more times later than when they were live.

It is true that clips on social media matter. Of course, they do. People see clips millions of times and form opinions off those clips. However, these clips are not achieving the goal the Jan 6th panel set for itself. The Jan 6th panel wanted to create a narrative to run independents and Republicans away from Trump. Social Media clips are not doing that.

The media can spin this all they want but the Jan 6th panel is failing and in a big way. They have been outed as a panel that is only focusing on Trump and not the truth about Jan 6th. Due to that no one takes them seriously.

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