HERE WE GO: Daily Beast Says Bannon Wants To Turn His Trial Into “Search Of The Biden White House”

Since his indictment, Bannon has promised to turn the sham Jan 6th committee’s political prosecution of him into an exposing of the Deep State. 

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Even the left-wing media is now pointing this out.

The Daily Beast just published an article titled “Steve Bannon Wants to Turn His Trial Into a Search of the Biden White House.”


From The Daily Beast:

The one-time political adviser to then-President Donald Trump is facing criminal charges for refusing to help the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection. And he’s trying to use the case against him as a crusade to potentially expose whether the Biden administration’s White House or politically appointed leaders at the Justice Department were involved in the decision to go after him.

On Monday night, Bannon’s legal team and federal prosecutors filed a joint status report in his case that details the road ahead.

In the run-up to a trial sometime next year, Bannon’s lawyers plan to seek evidence from the White House and Justice Department that includes “documents reflecting the decision to charge Mr. Bannon,” according to the court filing.

The latest filing shows that federal prosecutors want to speed that up as much as possible, aiming to put Bannon on trial as early as April. That’s just six months from his Nov. 12 indictment, which would make the case a lightning-fast prosecution. Although the DOJ did not say so in its filing Monday night, the legislators who kickstarted this process have made clear they want to make an example out of Bannon to show that witnesses will be punished for defying congressional subpoenas.

Meanwhile, Bannon’s lawyers say they are seeking to push the trial to October 2022—perhaps not coincidentally mere days before the midterm elections. That would fit snugly with Bannon’s overarching goal to politicize his case, or as he put it last month, turn it into the “misdemeanor from hell for Merrick Garland, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden.”

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