GOP Rep Exposes Capitol Police After Claiming He Was Being Targeted By Them

GOP Rep. Troy Nehls alleged that US Capitol Police had illegally begun conducting an investigation into him back in February.

He cited his support for Trump and his criticism of Nancy Pelosi and the sham Jan 6th committee as the reason why he was being targeted.

From ABC:

The U.S. Capitol Police said Tuesday they were conducting a routine security check of U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls’ office three months ago, rejecting an accusation from the congressman that officers were using illegal tactics to investigate him as political retribution.

Nehls, a Republican from Richmond, claimed without evidence on Twitter on Tuesday morning that U.S. Capitol Police intelligence officers illegally entered his office in November and photographed legislative documents. He speculated that the actions came because of his criticism of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection. While Nehls, the former Fort Bend Sheriff, helped defend the Capitol on the day of the attack, helping police barricade the doors, he has since labeled investigations into the events as a Democrat-led attack on former President Donald Trump.

Nehls said in his tweets that the police first entered his office on Nov. 20 and then later attempted to enter his office on Nov. 22, where they encountered one of Nehls’ staff members.

Now, we have this.

According to Nehls, an upcoming inspector general report is going to show he was “under criminal investigation” and that Capitol Police opened his door and began taking pictures. This is despite them saying he wasn’t and that his door was opened.

From Just The News:

Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls says a forthcoming Inspector General report will show he was “under criminal investigation” when Capitol Police officers entered his Capitol Hill office and began taking photos in November 2021.

In February, Nehls publicly disclosed that Capitol Police had told him he was not the subject to an investigation after the Nov. 20 and 22 incidents in which officers entering his office.

Nehls said Friday on the John Solomon Reports podcast that a “full report” from the Capitol Police Inspector General’s Office on the matter will be released to him next week after having recently received an “executive summary” of the report.

He alleges that on Nov. 20, a Capitol Police officer entered his office without his knowledge and photographed “confidential legislative products protected by the Speech and Debate clause” of the Constitution,” purportedly on a whiteboard.

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