The firing of Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci sent shockwaves through Trump’s base. Many could care less about the decision but some called it a betrayal of his base.

As we pointed out yesterday the reaction was ridiculous. Mooch had been there for only 11 days and made mistakes in just that short time.

According to a White House Source, President Trump is very happy with the decision to let Scaramucci go. The White House source is quoted as saying

“I think the President is happy today. Individuals are great but it’s Trump’s Presidency”

This statement is a strong message for the future of Trump’s administration. It shows the true nature behind Donald Trump and how he runs his administration. He loves his people but nobody is bigger than the administration. In Trump’s eyes, everybody is replaceable and they must support his agenda if they want to stay a part of it.

Whether you agree with these decisions or not this is the Donald Trump that we voted for. A guy who was dead set on winning and could care less about how people felt about him. It is Trump’s way or the highway in his administration and we should have expected nothing less.