Examiner: Court Issues Warning To Joe Biden

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An editorial from The Washington Examiner just reminded Joe Biden of a court warning from late May.

The Examiner cited a 6th Circuit ruling which said that the government can’t give out COVID relief based on race.

This was a major blow to the Biden agenda.

From The Washington Examiner: 

As President Joe Biden pursues initiatives he announced last week to “help narrow the racial wealth gap,” he should heed a late-May reminder from the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals that preferential treatment based on race is presumptively invalid.

This is as it should be. It is right and just that the courts, in the name of justice, should strike down racial preferences, a pernicious, do-gooding racism sweeping schools, corporations, and the media. It treats all American experience through the lens of race. It would be even worse if the racialism embedded in so-called “critical race theory” were backed by government force.

Biden is right to want all segments of society to prosper. If crafted without racial criteria, his initiatives to help jump-start poor and disadvantaged businesses and improve home values in struggling neighborhoods would be welcome. But the White House announcement focuses constantly on “racial disparities,” and the clear implication is that its proposed solutions will involve racial preferences.

That’s where the 6th Circuit ruling comes in. In the 2-1 May 27 decision in Vitolo v. Guzman, the court held that the government may not award coronavirus relief money on the basis of race and sex.

Now, you know why Joe Biden wants to pack the Supreme Court.

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