Dem Senator Joe Manchin Deals Another Blow To Biden’s Agenda

Dem Senator Joe Manchin(D-WV) just dealt another blow to Biden’s agenda.

Manchin said he would not support Biden’s $1.75 trillion social spending and climate bill.

From CNN:

Sen. Joe Manchin said he won’t support the $1.75 trillion reconciliation bill Democrats are negotiating until there is “greater clarity” about the impact it will have on the country’s national debt and the economy, a warning sign for Democratic leaders trying to pass a pair of legislative packages key to President Joe Biden’s agenda as soon as this week.

“Simply put, I will not support a bill that is this consequential without thoroughly understanding the impact that it will have on our national debt, our economy and most importantly all of our American people,” Manchin said at a news conference Monday afternoon.

Manchin also called on the House of Representatives to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and warned, in an implicit rebuke to progressives, that “holding this bill hostage” won’t work in getting him to support the larger social spending and economic package. Manchin has been non-committal about that larger package since Biden released a framework, but reiterated major concerns today.

The moderate Democrat from West Virginia has been coy about his views of this proposal, despite months of efforts by Biden and his team to court the senator to back a pared back plan. But Manchin has been concerned about a number of proposals, including an expansion of Medicare.

The radical bill would include:

From CNBC:

  • Universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year olds, which is funded for at least 6 years.

  • Subsidized child care that caps what parents pay at 7% of their income, which is funded for 6 years.

  • A one-year extension of the current expanded Child Tax Credit, which impacts approximately 35 million households nationwide.

  • Expanded tax credits for 10 years for utility and residential clean energy, including electric vehicles.

  • Extend the current, pandemic-related Affordable Care Act subsidies for 4 years.

  • Allow Medicare to cover the cost of hearing.

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