Dem Congressman Arrested At Election Reform Protest At U.S. Capitol

Rep. Jamaal Bowan(D-NY) was arrested in front of the US Capitol during an election reform protest.

A total of 27 arrests were made.

From Conservative Brief: 

New York Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman was arrested outside the U.S. Capitol building on Thursday during a protest over voting rights.

Hunger strikers in Washington refusing to eat until Democrats pass election reform legislation blocked a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol, leading Capitol Police to arrest 23 protesters after three warnings.

Marcus Frias, Bowman’s director of communications, said the congressman “was arrested alongside at least 20 others, including faith leaders and youth who have been hunger striking for our democracy.”

“Today, Congressman Jamaal Bowman joined a voting rights non-violent direct action at the North Barricade of the U.S. Capitol Building and was arrested by the U.S. Capitol Police,” Frias said in a statement. “We will provide more information and updates as we gather them.”

“The Capitol Police said in a statement posted to their Twitter feed that they began making arrests because demonstrators had “started blocking one side of the North Barricade outside the U.S. Capitol” shortly before noon and “refused to move out” after three warnings,” The Washington Post reported.

“They made a total of 27 arrests for “crowding, obstructing or incommoding” and one arrest for violating a crowd-control regulation, according to the statement. A Capitol Police spokesperson did not specify whether Bowman was among those arrested,” the WaPo report added.


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