Conservative Students Show Support For Trump, DeSantis

Conservative Students who attended the Turning Point USA conference in Florida chose Trump and DeSantis as their top picks for 2024.

Trump slightly edged out DeSantis according to those interviewed by Fox News.

From Fox News:

Former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are two of the top potential GOP presidential contenders for 2024, and several attendees at a Turning Point USA conference this weekend revealed which candidate they prefer.

Fox News Digital interviewed several activists at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, asking who they want to see as the next Republican presidential nominee. Trump and DeSantis were the most commonly mentioned names, with Trump holding an advantage among the small sample of young activists.

“Donald Trump, of course, the man himself. He created the MAGA movement, and he deserves to be our leader,” Nathan Koenig of Louisiana said. “He really shook up the swamp and no one else in the Republican Party can do that the way he did.”

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Both Trump and DeSantis were treated as rockstars at the conference.

From Epoch Times:

White fireworks shot up from the stage, music with a heavy bass boomed, and smoke billowed.

Then, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis emerged, tossing autographed baseball caps to a screaming crowd of 5,000 young conservatives in Tampa on July 22.

More from the Epoch Times:

At 7:40 p.m., the main hall exploded with energy. The last speaker of the day, Trump strode onto the stage amid streams of fireworks and smoke shooting up around him. Glowing cell phone screens illuminated the darkened seating area, as almost all the audience members videoed his entrance. And as the Lee Greenwood classic “God Bless the USA,” blared, the crowd sang along, cheering as Trump pumped his fist in the air.

The crowd chanted, “USA! USA! USA!”

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