CNN Dumps Joe, Offers List Of 11 Democrats Who Could Replace Him In 2024


It’s a sad bunch. My latest in FrontPage:

Old Joe Biden’s poll numbers are horrifying, if you’re Old Joe Biden, or an affirmation of the common sense of Americans, if you’re anyone else. But the Leftist political and media establishment can see as well as anyone else that in Biden’s handlers’ administration they have a catastrophic failure on their hands, and the search for a replacement has already begun. On Monday, even CNN jumped the sinking Biden ship, publishing an article by far-Left “journalist” Chris Cillizza entitled “11 Democrats who could replace Joe Biden in 2024.” Hang it up, Joe: when a Democrat president loses CNN, which ordinarily plays the role of eager administration sycophant when a Democrat is in the White House, he’s lost the whole ballgame.

Cillizza took due notice of the fact that Jen Psaki just reaffirmed, also on Monday, that Biden plans to try to keep on pretending to be president for eight years, not just four: “The President has every intention of running for reelection.” But he also noted that another premier Leftist propaganda organ, the New York Times, is wavering: on Sunday, it published an article with the heading “Democrats Are Solidly Behind Biden. There’s No Consensus About a Plan B. Leaders with White House aspirations all say they’ll support the president for another term. But there is no shortage of chatter about the options if he continues to falter.”

It’s remarkable enough that the Times admitted that Biden is faltering, but CNN was ready to go farther than the Times, asking “But … what if Biden’s plans change?” Yeah, and what if his regime has become so toxic by 2024 that even the Democrats won’t support him for another four years? Cillizza accordingly offered “a look at the most commonly mentioned names for 2024 contenders and a single line on their viability.”

First we get Kamala Harris, who has “undoubtedly struggled as vice president but she’s still the most likely Democrat not named Biden to wind up as the Democratic nominee in 2024.” CNN would rather do time in Gitmo than admit that any Democrat officeholder has “undoubtedly struggled,” so this is an indication that Harris has been a real disaster. Given the fact that the vice presidency is a largely ceremonial office with hardly any actual responsibilities, this is a real accomplishment. If she’s the post-Biden front runner, the Democrats are in real trouble.

That trouble becomes even more evident as we move down the list. Pete Buttigieg, Cillizza informs us, is “the most naturally talented candidate in the 2024 field,” but what on earth is the evidence for that, given the Buttigieg has completely punted on his job as Secretary of Transportation, and let the supply chain crisis grow while he was staying at home on an unannounced vacation?

Next comes Pocahontas herself, Elizabeth Warren, who will be a spry 75 in 2024. “The Massachusetts senator is still popular among liberals,” Cillizza insists, “and wouldn’t be splitting the vote with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders this time around like she did in 2020.” How does Cillizza know that? Bernie will be 83 in 2024, and doubtless tanned, rested, and ready for another go at pulling the Democrats so far to the Left that Stalin himself will look like a hidebound John Bircher.

After that we really descend into the ludicrous. There’s Amy Klobuchar, who, “other than Buttigieg,” was “probably the best regarded of the losing candidates in 2020.” By whom? By CNN, of course, and whose opinion matters more?

Following Klobuchar is an assortment of nonentities: former North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper; former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu; Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo (who may be “too moderate to win a Democratic primary in this moment,” i.e., she isn’t a total Maoist); Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (in case the Democrats want to go full authoritarian); New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, who must have been thrown in just to show how weak the field really is; and pretend-Governor Stacey Abrams of Georgia, who if she succeeds Biden would give us two faux-presidents in a row.

Cillizza concludes sagely: “If Biden decides not to run, chances are we would be looking at a very crowded field of Democrats seeking to replace him.” Well, thanks, Sherlock. There would indeed be a crowd, but there is clearly nary anyone in that crowd who would make a halfway decent president. However, the Democrats may not be auditioning for a real president at all: Joe Biden has shown us that one can be a workable puppet for socialist globalist forces even if one is non compos mentis. Any one of this “crowded field” can serve just as well in that capacity.



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