Biden Likely Avoiding IRS Audit That Could Expose Tax Crimes

A whistleblower complaint alleges that Joe Biden owed at least $127,000 in back taxes to the IRS. The complaint alleges it could be up to $500,000.

The complaint alleges that Joe and Jill Biden avoided paying Medicare taxes in 2017 and 2019.

From Newsweek:

New whistleblower complaints to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have called for an investigation into President Joe Biden’s taxes, claiming that the President of the United States owes at least $127,000 in back taxes.

The complaint was filed by Chris Jacobs, a former Republican aide on Capitol Hill, on Monday—coinciding with this year’s federal tax deadline, which was extended from April 15 to April 18.

Joe Biden is now avoiding an audit that would expose whether or not he does owe back taxes and if he made money from Hunter Biden’s deals.

Since the statute of limitations for back taxes is only 3 years this would mean that the question will likely never be answered.

From The New York Post:

President Biden is likely to avoid an audit that could reveal whether he made money from his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings — because the Internal Revenue Service has rejected a whistleblower complaint that alleged he owes at least $127,000 in taxes, The Post has learned.

Jacobs shared with The Post a reply from the IRS titled “denial” that explained that the government didn’t use his information.

Tax law expert Bob Willens, who teaches at Columbia University’s business school, said the rejection means Biden is likely to run out a three-year statute of limitations, meaning Republican claims that Biden owes up to $500,000 in taxes are unlikely to be resolved.

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