Biden Hints That Obama Voters Who Switched To Trump Are Racists

When asked about voters who switched from Barack Obama to President Trump Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden hinted that they switched because they are racists.

The funniest part about this is that Joe Biden admits, in the beginning, the truth. He says before claiming they are simply racists that they feel forgotten. This of course is the truth. Those voters who switched to Trump feel forgotten because they were. The Democrats abandoned the working class. The Democrats abandoned anyone who loves this country. Their entire party is based on identity politics. Their entire party is based on destroyed America.

It should shock no one that Democrats have not learned their lesson from 2016. Instead of recognizing that they lost in 2020 because they ran to the left they have embraced even more radical policies. Just remember what Joe Biden said here. He thinks that if you voted for President Trump you have some racist reasoning for it. We all know that is complete nonsense.

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