Attorney Predicts Hunter Biden Will Be Indicted

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  • An attorney for a woman Hunter Biden allegedly had a child with is now predicting Hunter Biden will be indicted 
  • A grand jury is currently assembled looking into Hunter Biden and his finances
  • Important documents have been given to the grand jury according to reports

Hunter Biden looks like he is in deep trouble.

An attorney for an Arkansas woman who battled Hunter Biden over the paternity of her child is now predicting he will be indicted.

From Western Journal:

The lawyer for an Arkansas woman who battled Hunter Biden over the paternity of her child said he expects that a grand jury focused on President Joe Biden’s son will take action against him.

“I expect him to be indicted,” attorney Clint Lancaster told CNBC on Thursday. “Just based on what I saw in his financial records, I would be surprised if he’s not indicted.”

Lancaster represents Lunden Alexis Roberts, who had a child with Hunter Biden in 2018. After first contesting whether the child was his, which a court ruled it was, he refused to pay child support, leading to more legal action.

Eventually, Biden agreed to a settlement, which the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported was $2.5 million.

“They’re all in electronic form,” Lancaster said. “I would estimate it was anywhere from 10 gigs of data.”

“I saw a lot of information” that was “problematic” for Biden, he said.

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