Another member of Congress​ calls for answers in Seth Rich case

Last week Rep. Blake Farenthold became one of the first representatives to question the Russian Narrative and ask for answers in the Seth Rich case.

Representative Dana Rohrabacher is the newest member of Congress to speak out on Seth Rich. Quotes from OAN,

“I do not believe that the evidence at this time proves that the Russians would conclude that the Russians are the the ones who hacked the DNC. We have heard every report from the intelligence groups that are making their reports and they have weasel words in them, and they are based on opinion based on someone who is probably a strong liberal democrat,”

“Whoever it could be, we need to look into it and verify. The fact that the young man’s death has not been followed by an investigation that would even be in place for an ordinary murder is very suspicious to me,” Rohrabacher ventures.

The Seth Rich case is beginning to catch fire and hopefully, this will lead to more members of Congress asking questions.

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Seth Rich case has sparked “Panic” at the DNC


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