Alabama Pastor: We support Judge Roy Moore”Now more than ever”, “lots of Fake News going around”

A new article from CNN shares with us the feeling of Alabama voters on Judge Roy Moore. One, in particular, was a Pastor by the name of  Pastor Mike Allison.

“Now more than ever,” Pastor Mike Allison of Madison Baptist Church supports Roy Moore.

Allison has known the Alabama Republican candidate for US Senate as a man of integrity for about 20 years, he told CNN. That history bears more weight than allegations in a newspaper, he said.
“I don’t even believe the allegations. There’s lots of fake news going around these days,” Allison said. “They’re allegations. How can he even defend himself against 40-year-old allegations? You used to be innocent until proven guilty.”

The rest of the article consists of more defenders of Judge Roy Moore. Now, this is clearly set up as a hit piece. CNN is trying to paint the picture that Trump voters are dumb and that Trump voters are backing a pedophile.Trump voters aren’t backing up a pedophile they just need more than the discredited Washington Post’s story to turn on their canadiate.

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