26 More Cases Of Heart Inflammation Linked To Pfizer Vax

Looks like the conspiracy theorists were right again.

26 more cases of myocarditis have been linked to the Pfizer vax according to a new report.

From Zero Hedge:

26 More Cases Of Heart Inflammation Linked To Pfizer Jab

Pfizer is already quietly scrambling Friday as the COVID “variant of the moment” raises new questions about the efficacy of its vaccine (while the latest “data” shows Merck may have oversold its mulnupiravir drug as a “miracle cure” for the virus), it appears 26 new cases of the rare side effect known as myocarditis have been reported during the week ending Nov. 21.

There is also one new case of blood clots case linked to the AstraZeneca jab following receipt of the first dose.

The new case increased the total Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) or blood clots cases to 164 out of 13.4 million doses. Of these 148 (81 confirmed, 62 probable) related to a first dose of and 21 to a second dose (six confirmed, 15 probable). Eight people have died as a result of blood clots – six of these were women.

Put another way, myocarditis is reported in one to two in every 100,000 people who receive Pfizer.

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