NARRATIVE FAIL: US had biggest decline in CO2 emissions in the world last year

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According to the BP Statistical Review of World, the US had the biggest decline in CO2 emissions in the world last year. Chart of the Day: Last year the United States had the largest decline in CO2 emissions *in the entire world* for the 9th time this century. @AEIdeas @Mark_J_Perry — AEI (@AEI) […]


SHOCK: Leftists whine, turn on Elon Musk after donations to GOP revealed

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Liberals absolutely lost it on Twitter Saturday night after it was revealed Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk donated to a GOP Super PAC named ‘Protect The House’. Elon Musk revealed as one of the largest donors for a House Republican PAC — Salon (@Salon) July 14, 2018 Here is Chelsea Handler: Nice […]

MUSK WAVE: Elon Musk revealed as a Top Donor in GOP Super PAC

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According to finance records, Elon Musk was a Top 50 Donor in the GOP Super PAC Protect the House. Salon: Now reports indicate that Musk was one of the top donors for a Republican PAC named Protect the House. Filings show that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO donated $38,900 to the PAC, which is dedicated […]