CAUGHT: NYT printed false propaganda from Deep State on FBI Probe of Trump

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The New York Times has now been caught having printed Deep State propaganda regarding the FBI Probe of Trump. Breitbart:  Officials sold this version of events last year to the Times, which wrote on December 31, 2017, in a piece titled “How the Russia Inquiry Began: A Campaign Aide, Drinks and Talk of Political Dirt”: “…when leaked Democratic emails began […]


It’s time to send the National Guard to our schools

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After another Mass Shooting, the left has already begun its push for gun control and finger pointing at the NRA. Let me make myself perfectly clear I support ZERO new gun legislation. An AR-15 ban would have done nothing to stop this young man from using a shotgun to kill 10 in cold blood. Raising […]

LIARS: CNN falsely claims there have been 22 School Shootings in 2018

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CNN wrongly claimed today that there have been 22 Mass Shootings in 2018. Here is the tweet from CNN: Including today’s shooting incident at a Texas high school, this year there have already been 22 school shootings where someone was hurt or killed. That averages out to more than 1 shooting a week. […]