SOCIALISM: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro warns he’ll take up arms if he loses election

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned he would take up arms if he loses the election. Miami Herald: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is warning that he’ll take up arms and lead a revolution if a government comes into power that wants to hand the country’s “riches” to “imperialist” forces. In a campaign speech Wednesday, Maduro — […]


US Trade Deficit cut by $49 B

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The US trade deficit cut by $49 Billion Dollars due to record exports. Breitbart: record exports trimmed the U.S. trade deficit in March, the first drop in seven months in a massive gap that President Donald Trump is determined to shrink with an aggressive America first policy. The Commerce Department says the trade deficit — […]

POLL: 62% of Hispanics support cutting legal immigration

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A new poll of likely Hispanic voters showcases that 62% support cutting legal immigration. Breitbart:  According to the latest polling data by The Polling Company, commissioned by NumbersUSA, Americans are vastly opposed to current levels of legal immigration and want the number of foreign nationals legally arriving in the U.S. seriously cut, a plan that […]