Obama CIA Director: ‘United States’ should have sent ‘clearer message’, stood by Iranian protestors in 2009

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We knew Obama’s handling of Iran was a failure but now his own CIA director is admitting it. Breitbart: Tapper: Let me ask you about the last time there were mass protests in Iran, in 2009, when you were in the Obama administration. Do you think the Obama administration dropped the ball by not more aggressively […]


Report: Mexican Americans sent $26B to Mexico last year

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According to Mexico’s central bank, Mexican Americans sent home 26 Billion Dollars last year, a record high. CNN Money: Mexicans living abroad sent cash home in record numbers last year. The vast majority of the cash came from those living in the United States. Two main forces drove the trend: Mexico’s weak currency, the peso, and […]

DHS Cheif: Border Wall “First and Foremost” immigration priority

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  According to an Interview with The Department of Homeland Security Cheif,  The Border Wall is still “first and foremost” on the list of priorities for the Trump Admisntration on immigration. AP: The secretary said she was hopeful the White House and Congress can reach a deal that includes border and immigration enforcement measures. She said building […]