Keith Olbermann is the poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome

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Whenever someone asks me what Trump Derangement Syndrome is I say go look at Keith Olbermann. The former ESPN employee now turned Anti-Trump resistance leader is peddling conspiracy theories surrounding Donald Trump that even the leftist Mainstream Media can’t keep up with. Here is a nice compilation of Olbermann’s finest tweets since Trump was elected: The scariest thing about […]


Hollywood Leftist Chelsea Handler mistakes Rep. Dana Rohrabacher for a woman, twitter destroys her

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Late last night Hollywood Leftist Chelsea Handler showed us just how much she actually knows about politics. So, Republican rep. Dana Rohrabacher from California is was the original person who received info from Russia, because she works w/ them. — Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) October 29, 2017 Now, here is the issue, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is […]